Manganese Stearate


Manganese stearate is a widely used chemical compound in the PVC industry. It is produced by reacting manganese oxide or manganese carbonate with stearic acid, resulting in a white powder. In PVC manufacturing, manganese stearate serves multiple purposes. It acts as a lubricant, reducing friction and improving PVC flow during processing, which facilitates shaping. It also functions as a heat stabilizer, preventing PVC degradation at high temperatures and maintaining its properties. Manganese stearate aids in blending additives and components, ensuring uniform dispersion and enhancing PVC product quality. Additionally, it acts as an anti-blocking agent, preventing PVC surfaces from sticking or causing damage when stacked or stored. It is important to note that manganese stearate is just one of many additives used in the PVC industry to achieve specific properties based on the intended application.




White Powder

Manganese Content

6% to 8%

Melting Point

160- 180°C